Charles Bazerman

Revisiting the Early Uses of Writing in Society Building--Cuneiform Culture and the Chinese Imperium


Charles Bazerman (Ph.D, Brandeis, 1971; Doctor Honoris Causa, Universidades Nacionales de Cordoba, Entre Ríos, Río Cuarto, y Villa María), is Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of California Santa Barbara. He is Founder and Former Chair of the International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research and former Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. He has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist at the University of Porto, Portugal and Masaryk University, Czech Republic, a Researcher of Excellence at the University of the Lorraine, France, and Visiting Professor in Xi'an, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nepal, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, University of Louisville, and Cornell University. His books include A Rhetoric of Literate Action, A Theory of Literate Action, The Languages of Edison's Light, Constructing Experience, Shaping Written Knowledge, The Informed Writer, The Handbook of Research on Writing, Traditions of Writing Research, Genre in a Changing World, What Writing Does and How It Does It, and Lifespan Development of Writing Abilities.

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