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Call for Papers for volume based on presentations at the Writing Research Across Borders V.

As with the previous Writing Research Across Borders Conferences which resulted in the volumes Traditions of Writing Research (Routledge, 2009), International Advances in Writing Research: Cultures, Places, Measures (WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press, 2012), Recherches en écriture : regards pluriels/ Writing Research from Multiple Perspectives (CREM and WAC Clearinghouse, 2017), and Conocer la escritura: investigación más allá de las fronteras/ Knowing Writing: Writing Research across Borders (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and WAC Clearinghouse, 2019) we are planning for a volume of selected papers to come from the March 2020 conference in Xi'an, China.

This will be a fully refereed volume of a small number of papers selected from the many papers that will be delivered at the conference. This time we have arranged for a joint publication between University Press of Colorado online and the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse. This arrangement will allow for two editions: a traditional print book and an open access online version. All authors will receive bound copies; additional bound copies will also be available for purchase. At the same time, the online version will be open to all conference participants and all scholars globally. In this volume we seek to represent the great variety of empirically grounded and conceptually focused work presented at the conference from different research traditions and different regions. We will be selecting papers that present new research results as well as ones that present overviews of work from a region or an extended group of researchers engaged in related research programs. In examining the trajectories of many kinds of current work, we hope to provide the bases for cross-paradigm discussions and to indicate directions of where research is going.

An editorial team selected by the WRAB organizing committee will select, from papers presented at the conference, a limited number to be revised for further evaluation and selection for a conference volume, as in the previous versions of the conference. We invite you to submit papers based on your presentations at the Writing Research Across Borders for a volume to be co-published by the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado online. If your paper is selected for potential publication, there will be opportunities to revise, but we would like as complete a version of the manuscript as possible by March 1, 2020 so editors can meet at the conference to discuss the selection.

Deadline for submission of complete articles: March 1, 2020
Submission Address:

In preparing your manuscript please be aware that this volume will be having global distribution. Readers may not be aware of the educational and institutional contexts that are being researched nor of the intellectual and empirical traditions out of which the work arises, so please be explicit about relevant contexts.

In order for your paper to be considered for this volume, we will need:

* a completed, previously unpublished manuscript,
* that is no longer than 5000 words, not including works cited,
* and that follows APA (American Psychological Association) reference style.
* The manuscript should be in English.
* Please provide abstracts of about 250 words in English.

To help us keep track of the submissions, please do the following:
* Submit the manuscript as an attachment by email to
* The subject line should read "Conference Volume Submission".
* The file should be in Microsoft Word format or PDF format.
* Title the file with your last name and conference paper in this format:

* Submit by Sunday March 1, 2020, midnight (any time zone).

Also provide full contact information (email, land addresses, academic affiliation) for all authors and identify who is the main author to receive communications.
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