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Conference Meals

荤菜:Food with meat

干煸乇乇肉 deeply fried slice pork
红烧草鱼 Braised grass carp
豉椒黄辣丁 fried diced scallion with yellow pepper
杏鲍菇炒牛肉 Fried beef with Pleurotus eryngii
豆皮猪肉卷 Tofu skin rolled minced pork

黄瓜木耳鸡胗  Chicken Gizzard mixed with Cucumber and Fungus

柠檬鱼片 Fish Fillet with lemon slice
牛肉杏鲍菇 Fried beef with Pleurotus eryngii
红烧丸子  Braised meatballs
花蛤蒸蛋 Steamed Egg with Clam
柠檬鱼片 Fish Fillet with lemon slice
牛肉杏鲍菇 Fried beef with Pleurotus eryngii
包子  steamed stuffed bun
饺子  Jiaozi
肉夹馍 Chinese hamburger
糖醋茄盒 minced meat in eggplant with sour and sweet flavor
海鲜意面 Seafood pasta

素食: Vegetarian Food

清炒西兰花  Stir fried broccoli
外婆菜(炒鸡蛋榨菜)Scrambled egg and mustard
清炒茼蒿  Stir-fried Artemisia annua
红枣南瓜 steamed date and pumpkin
白灼时蔬  Sautéed Vegetables

四季杂蔬丸 seasoned vegetable balls

一品虾仁   fried shrimp
西芹夏果炒百合 fried celery with lily and ginkgo
田园荟萃(蒸杂粮)Steamed cereals
木耳奶白菜 fried cabbage and fungus
香菇青菜 fried greens with mushroom
杂粮(南瓜 玉米)steamed pumpkin and ,maize
清炒芥蓝 Stir-fried Kale
粉丝青菜  fried greens with vermicelli
南瓜花卷 steamed twisted pumpkin roll
炒芥蓝 Fried Kale
菜卷 steamed twisted roll with minced vegetables
饼 杂粮  pancake
蒸土豆泥  Steamed mashed potatoes
木耳豆干香菇 fried tofu with mushroom
鱼香茄子 Fish-flavored eggplant
老干妈土豆丝 shredded potatoes with Chinese sauce
芝麻花生饼 pancake with sesame and peanut
油炸馍片 Deep-fried ravioli
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